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They also serve

1 December, 2019

The ship was a large luxury liner with a capacity of about one thousand passengers. She plied between two very famous countries. Passengers were fabulously rich. The interior decor was out of this world. Exquisite. Every inch of the ship was fragrant with elegance. There were a number of tiny life boats all round the periphery of the ship. There were more than the number stipulated. No more repetition of the tragedy of the Titanic in 1910.

It was a happy voyage. Lots of laughter and gaiety. The captain’s table was graced by some of the greats of the financial, political and the entertainment world. It was a proud ship. Carrying the high and the mighty. The ship looked at the tiny inconspicuous life boats. "You little midgets are real misfits in these magnificent surroundings. Just look at you people, strung up, covered with a gaudy mackintosh. They should never have put you all on board. You are of no use. I can manage without you. I can take these nice people without your help. Have you seen the insides of me. The cosy cabins, the dining halls, swimming pools, facilities for many sports, casino. Have you tiny monsters seen the elite strolling on the promenade, on the deck. The beautiful state of the art marine engines, qualified engineers, navigators and the smart captain. All in all my dangling eyesores you are I am sure going to be redundant. “Your yellow life jackets make me nauseating." “As always” whispered a life boat. “As always, conceited hag. Let us be quiet. We have been trained to save lives in emergencies with our small friend the life jacket. Let the haughty witch rave. We have a reputation in carrying those lovely humans to safety. We are happy and content. Even God Neptune must be wild with her. Just them, there was a slight swaying. Many ships officers were seen running all over the deck. The mighty ship was literally dragged. System came alive.” "Ladies and gentlemen this is your first officer.

We have just received information that there is a massive turbulence in the ocean bed around here. A sudden earthquake in the sea bed. Nothing to panic. Please bear with us." But people were restless. Most of them were in their cabins. Some were gazing at the placid sea. The dining hall was a wreck. Chandeliers down. The grand piano had slid into the liquor bar. Chairs and tables overturned. Crockery and cutlery accouchement. “Ladies and gentlemen. This is your captain.

"We have been informed that the ocean surface is calm. Terrible turmoil at the bottom. The sea is throwing up all buried debris at the bottom of the ocean. It is at tremendous force. Please remain in your cabins.

Stay calm.” Suddenly, there was an earsplitting sound. A very huge corroded piece of a ship’s wreckage shot up to the sky and came down directly on the funnels. There was an unbearable shudder. Smoke from the engine room. People panicked.

“This is your captain – Please take all your valuables and a very few necessities and come on the deck. Ladies and gentlemen. We are abandoning ship, repeat we are abandoning ship.

We have sent the usual distress signals. Help is on the way. Please, the life boats will be lowered. There are more than enough of life boats and life jackets." The engineers and all crew got in.

The band played ‘Auld Land Syne’ ‘God be with us’ The captain spoke using a megaphone. "Thank you my tiny beauties – my buoyant life jackets please take my children to safety.

"Oh dear Neptune receive our people with open arms – God be with you my beauty." He saluted the ship and boarded the last life boat.

They could here the drones of helicopters. The captain swore much later that he heard a tiny lively voice saying “Ship” – Remember. They also serve who simply stand and wait.