Vintage Car Owners’ Club Annual Elders Day Treat | Sunday Observer

Vintage Car Owners’ Club Annual Elders Day Treat

Commemorated each year The International Day of Older Persons is observed on October 1.

To celebrate this, the Vintage Car Owners Club of Sri Lanka together with the Mount Lavinia Hotel hosted the ‘Annual Elders Day Treat’ at the ‘Regency Room’ of the hotel.

The Vintage Car Owners’ Club showcased a phenomenal display of classic road masterpieces. Quite fitting for the occasion, the owners drove and parked their classics at the hotel courtyard. On display were the oldest of cars each with a unique story, some even dating back to over 100 years.

The hotel extended its hospitality and service to the elders who were brought from three different homes, namely ‘The Moratuwa Elders Home’, ‘Meegoda Home for the Elders’ and the ‘Gamini Elders Home’. Over 50 elderly people were given the opportunity to experience the heartwarming friendly service of the grand heritage hotel.

With the lunch tables readied and a sumptuous buffet prepared by the host hotel, the event concluded with a merry time of song and games.