To win the bread | Sunday Observer

To win the bread

Pure and full....a glass of water....
There she comes.... beloved youngest sister
As usual like those olden days
Just before how auspicious plays
All well in order neat and polished
Nothing left everything finished
Better than ever before ye time
Avoiding the time of ‘Rahu’s’ time
The right foot first
Out to the steps
In the dawn of cool November
Day like this.... which cannot remember
This memorable day (25th Nov. 2019)
With much confidence
Big hopes filled with burning desire
Yonder.... Thee....
Smarter, active than ever before
Stepping solitary journey
In your immature life
Hoping to apply all theories and formulae
Taught from your Alma Mater
To solve the problem of life ahead
In the aurora of this new era
Yes.... though art.... chip of mine
Challenge taken positively
You are the little master
My son....

- Prasad Godage