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I saw an alien

One day my family and I decided to go on a trip to the forest. But dad and mom were busy with their work, so my grandfather, brother and I planned to go.

My brother and I packed the tents and bags. Everything was ready for the next morning.

Early in the morning, we got our bags in the van and were ready to go on the trip. On the way to the jungle, we saw many animals - elephants and monkeys. I took many pictures of each animal. We had our lunch and dinner too. This is my first experience in a forest so I was scared always. I got many experiences on this journey.

In the night I was about to sleep. We made our tents and I fell asleep. We heard a loud sound. A big bright light came over, and I could not see anything. After a few seconds, my brother said it was a space ship and an alien came out of it. My brother and I screamed and ran to the van. We saw our grandfather talking to that alien. My brother and I were shivering as we were scared.

We were scared of his appearance. The alien spoke to us. We stayed a little while and took pictures of the alien.


W.A. Chamodhi Sanjula,

Grade 8

Royal Institue, Gampaha.