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Why not Sri Lanka introduce T10 in 2020?

It was thrill-a-ball-big hitting action. This was the fireworks that the recently held T10 series in Abu Dhabi provided. It proved a success with spectators flocking to marvel at the display. So, it won’t be long before the International Cricket Council explores the possibility of conducting a T10 World Cup tournament.

According to reports, big crowds flocked to watch the big hitting stars belt the ball all over the ground with some beefy, muscular hits sailing out of the ground giving the cricket crazy spectators their dollars worth and craving for the next tournament.

The ICC now conducts T20 and 50-over World Cup bashers which attracts big, big money to the players, the official and above all the International Cricket Council. With these two tournaments eagerly looked forward to because the money loads that come with it, it won’t be long before the ICC squeezes in a T10 World Cup.

Although the T20 and 50 over World Cups throw up big money, undoubtedly the tournament that throws in mega dollars is the Indian Premier League which has no equal or will ever be surpassed by any other tournament.

Sri Lankan fans are cricket crazy, even when the chips--and the wickets--are down! Would it not be good to appease the appetite of our fans by experimenting our own T10 in 2020? It would give a boost to the cricketing morale. SLC and sponsoring corporate, food for thought!

In the good old days, which was then the golden era of cricket known as Test cricket was holding sway and the game was played in the best of spirits and everyone enjoyed the game.

When one recalls the Test cricket of old several names come to mind that were outstanding and although the names are too numerous to mention, the name that is spoken of even now and will remain and be spoken of in awe till the world ends will be that of Australian SIR DONALD GEORGE BRADMAN.

The tremendous batting records that the greatest batsman of all produced remains writ in letters of gold in record books that will never be equalled or broken. It will remain for time immemorial.

With Test cricket beginning to lose its interest and appeal and with no much money to win by the players and the cricket boards and when a Test match was washed off, some smart Alec came up with the idea of playing cricket in a limited overs basis and with that style of game catching up fast it came to last.

In the mean time there arose a problem between the Australian Cricket Board and Kerry Packer’s Channel Nine television that was the sole broadcaster to Australian cricket and with the ACB being adamant, Packer wanting to teach the ACB a bitter lesson, set out on signing bigger and better players paying money with the cream of players from all Test cricket playing countries joining in.

Leading cricketers began to flock to Packer and all Cricket Boards were upset as there was no way that they could have stopped their stars from deserting playing for the country and throwing in their lot with the Packer Cricket Circus with their bank balances swelling.

Packer added more lustre and glamour by introducing day/night cricket and also introduced a novel concept that of getting the cricketers to don coloured clothing and looking like cowboys in a Rodeo. When limited over crickets concept are spoken about the name of Packer will be spoken and revered with awe.

When Packer toyed with the idea of confronting the Australian Cricket Board, two men he turned to who had the ability to get things moving with their brilliant thinking and innovative ideas were two greats Richie Benaud and Tony Greig.

Benaud one of the greatest of leg spin googly bowling all rounders that Australia had produced was also involved in playing out the first ever Tied Test cricket match against the West Indies led by that loveable Frank Worrell one of the three brilliant batsmen produced by the Caribbean island with the other two being Everton Weekes and Clyde Walcott.

Tony Greig a South Africa born and England captain too put his shoulders to the wheel to make Packer’s Cricketing Circus a tremendous success and with big names signing in with Packer the ACB had to finally acknowledge Packer eat humble pie and let Packer’s Channel Nine take over the cricket sponsorship of Australian cricket. Sadly Packer, Benaud and Greig are no more. But they and what they did to make cricket a better living for the participants will not easily be forgot.

Poor sportsmanship

With England playing New Zealand in a test series and with the home team completely outplaying the Brits, it came like a bolt from the blue to note the racial abuse hurled at Caribbean born England fast bowler Jofra Archer by apparently a Drunken Kiwi lout.

Racial abuse in whatever sport should have no place. When racial abuse is used it redounds badly on the host country and remains a slur forever.

Generally the Kiwi cricket fans are some of the best behaved, enjoying, lapping up and cheering good deeds by cricketers of both teams providing the action.

The Kiwi Cricket Board, must ferret out this lout, by using the CCTV Cameras installed on the ground and deal with him severely so that it will serve as a deterrent to others.

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