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I want to go Global - Thiromi Gamage

8 December, 2019

The founder of Coffee Beanbody,Thiromi Gamage has created some sensational face, hair and body scrubs. After experimenting with the products with herself as the guinea pig, she decided to launch the brand, and help those suffering from sensitive skin issues.

Her online page is just a few months old but it has gathered a large following for Thiromi’s unique scrubs and the display of her products. Being a young businesswoman, she has decided to expand her brand, and produce more essentials, related to Coffee.

Thiromi speaks to Youth Observer about the brand, about taking it global, and about skin issues.

What made you start this brand?

Honestly, it was me just using all these products at home on myself for a good year or two before I decided to make it a brand. I have extremely sensitive skin and a lot of products in the market (even upscale products) give me bad reactions which take me forever to fix. So, at first it was just me making stuff at home for my skin. Then I thought, there must be other girls who probably also have very sensitive skin like mine.

How has the brand progressed since its inception?

We opened our online Instagram store on August 19th and since then, we are very surprised by the number and reactions of people wanting to buy our products. As of now, we have managed to touch almost every part of Sri Lanka! We expected to take at least six months before getting the attention we did, but are so happy about the way it’s turned out.

Besides the main ingredient, the coffee bean what else do you use?

We use a lot of ingredients in our products like turmeric, cocoa butter, essential oils, plant-based oils, and a lot more!

Tell us about the latest scrubs?

Currently, we have a face scrub and a body scrub. Both are immensely popular amongst our customers! They do the job at the very first wash!

With so many online entrepreneurs, how do you stay different?

Yes, there are a lot of skin brands out there. But I would say we try to be different by offering people in Sri Lanka an affordable skincare line. I want to reach the masses someday and to do that, I know it has to be affordable enough.

I know many people who opt for cheap products which are made of cheap ingredients, and they are all packed with chemicals that are harmful in the long run. But what we aim to do is give good all-natural ingredients that benefit the skin for a good price that everyone can afford.

What is unique about your scrubs?

I feel that, with our products in general, we aim to put in a good number of ingredients that benefit different aspects of the skin. One ingredient could be for brightening the skin while the other could be for moisturising and another could be for stretch marks. It all varies with every product.

Will you be venturing out to other body and face essentials?

Oh yes, of course, we have a whole plan for 2020! Stay tuned.

Where do you see the brand in a few years?

I’m working on getting this brand to go global.

Soon hopefully, I will be able to start with the Maldives being the first point of international sales!

What is in store for Christmas?

For Christmas, we released a Christmas hamper that includes our entire collection for now. We pack and do everything so customers don’t have to stress out over how to gift our products to their family and friends.