It's Magical, inspiring and boldey delivered : Elsa is the new Disney crush | Sunday Observer

It's Magical, inspiring and boldey delivered : Elsa is the new Disney crush

It took Disney six years to direct the latest animation blockbuster Frozen 2. The wait was worth it and as much as “Frozen” which created hype back then, this movie too didn’t fail to inspire. The movie premiered at Savoy 3D Cinema.

A thank you to Disney for creating a daring and strong character like Elsa. The movie is directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee delivering a very inspiring and visual powerful movie. The movie is another magical and adventurous story presented in an aesthetically pleasing manner, with stunning visuals and extraordinary music by Christophe Beck.

The story about sisters Elsa and Anna, daughters of the king of Arendelle, is all about how they face the consequences of a battle that happened 30 years ago between people of Arendelle and tribes living in the 'magical mountain' which leads to shattered relationships whilst making the mountain hostile and restricted to the outside world.

Being a musical fantasy drama, the song sequences are rightfully placed, which also regulates this fast-paced film. The destination of the protagonist of the film is to find the origin of the voice which only she can hear, that ultimately guides her to the magical journey in which she uncovers various truths from the past. Will Elsa find the voice? will she learn the 5th element of nature, and more, what constitutes the plot? The visuals with the music were just amazing, and Elsa was beyond amazing, beautiful and her power was stunning when she sets off to find answers and encounters the horse. The super-packed action sequence between the frosty queen and the horse might get you at the edge of your seat.

The movie proved you don’t need a man to save you and your courage is within you. In the first sequel too there was no man to save the two sisters. It is carried on to the second sequel.

Idina Menzel who voices for Elsa is wickedly talented, and that voice is mystical and enchanting.

For the visuals and character special thanks go to the creator. Frozen 2 is what kids should watch for the message, visuals, pleasant vibe and the continuous comical moments. It might end up being a good satisfying film for the adults too. I was singing. Elsa and Anna's magical quest casts a spell on the viewers and keeps our eyes stuck at the screen.