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Brothers Jaden and Aaron the stars on tarmac

22 December, 2019
Best rider at the ‘Motofest 2019’ Aaron Gunawardena and his brother Jaden in an intense battle for supremacy
Best rider at the ‘Motofest 2019’ Aaron Gunawardena and his brother Jaden in an intense battle for supremacy

Aaron Gunawardena won the Best Rider’s Trophy at the ‘MOTOFEST 2019 held on December 14 and 15 at the Mirigama circuit while his younger brother Jaden came close in all events he competed on this day showing his expertise on tarmac racing.

Sushmi Solanki the only female rider that day showed the boys what she was capable of and led the race for Group O 160cc from start to finish while Stephen Fernando who has been training hard with Jaden over the past few weeks pulled off a massive lead in the 125cc and 250cc modified events proving that hard work and dedication pays off.

Dushan Mudalige and Chaminda de Silva battled it out from start to finish exchanging positions a few times in the 250cc and SM open events. Dushan went on to win the 250cc and Chaminda made a good comeback to win the Open event.

Stephen Fernando on a Ninja 600cc was up against the Gunawardena brothers in the 600cc event. He led the race for a few laps, but as usual the racing bros of Jaden and Aaron fighting for the top place on the podium for Stephan to lose his grip on the brothers and had to settle for the second runner-up position.

The experienced Gunawardena brothers on their Melwa racing bikes started their own battle once again in the 900-1000cc event and pulled ahead with Aaron clinching first place with Jaden and Chaminda settling for second and third positions respectively.

The racing Open event too was exciting with Jaden, Chaminda, Musharaf, Murphy Dawson, Hansika Chamith, Damith Madushantha on 1000cc bikes and Aaron, Stephen and Shantha Ram opting to ride their 600cc bikes on the tight Mirigama circuit.

Jaden and Chaminda pulled out ahead of the pack but Aaron breathing down their necks on the 600cc got the better of them as he had the ability to manoeuvre the bike through the tight circuit.

Stephan had a few tricks up his sleeve and made the right move at the right time and kept Chaminda de Silva behind him until the finish.

This first ever festive event was the brainchild of Shane Gunawardena supported by TWMRC (Two Wheels Motor Racing Club) and RAC Asia (Royal Automobile Club). The event was flagged off after observing two minutes silence over the sudden death of veteran rider Saman Perera, who passed away a few days before the meet.


Yamaha ‘FZ’ One Make: 1. Udara Chandimal, 2. Kalhara Fernando, 3. Pathum Kumara.

Group ‘SM’ 250cc One Make Kawasaki Tracker: Results upheld due to a protest.

Group ‘M’ 250cc: 1. Stephen Fernando, 2. Ishan Kavinda, 3. Heshan Pasindu.

Group ‘O’ 125cc: 1. Sujeeva Udayakumara, 2. Supun Dhanushka, 3.RMRK Ranatunga.

Group ’O’ 160cc: 1. Sushmi Solanki, 2. Chaminda Subasinghe, 3. Pasindu Silva.

Group ‘M’ 600cc 1. Aaron Gunawardena, 2. Jaden Gunewardena, 3. Stephen Fernando.

Group ‘M’600cc Hornet: 1. Supun Suraj, 2. KDS Sandaru, 3. Kalpa Sandaruwan.

Group ‘JMX’ PW: 1. NK Nimasha, 2. BM Sandaru Himasha, 3. Ranuk Wijesinghe.

Group ‘MS’ 250cc: 1. Dushan Mudalige, 2. Chamind de Silva, 3. Nimesh Sandaruwan.

Group ‘M’ 900cc: 1. Jaden Gunawardena, 2. Aaron Gunawardena, 3. Chamind de Silva.

Group ‘M’125cc: 1. Stephen Fernando, 2. WM Weerasinghe, 3.Isuru Madushan

Group ‘SM’ Open: 1.Chaminda de Silva, 2. Dileepa Kumara, 3. SA Harrish

Group ‘M 1000cc: 1. Aaron Gunawardena, 2. Jaden Gunawardena, 3. Stephen Fernando