Proposals to develop public transport to president next week | Sunday Observer

Proposals to develop public transport to president next week

A report consisting of recommendations to develop the Sri Lanka Railways will be handed over to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa next week, State Minister, Railway Services C.B. Ratnayake told the Sunday Observer.

A committee to study the operation and the deficiencies in the railway was set up by the State Minister following his appointment this month. The committee comprises university academics, a former Railway General Manager and a regular commuter.

“The committee will focus on developing key areas in the railway. Recommendations to digitalize services and convert railway stations into green stations to minimise environmental pollution were made” the State Minister said.

He also believes that an integrated mechanism with the Ministry of Tourism would bring more revenue to the Railway Department. Commenting on trade union actions at the Railway Department, the State Minister stressed the importance of fulfilling one’s duties properly before demanding rights. “look at the youth who are voluntarily beautifying cities across the country. My concern is why cannot the railway trade employees who demand more, at least clean and maintain railway stations properly?” he said.

Meanwhile, the government has also directed its focus to improve the bus passenger system in Sri Lanka. According to Minister of Transport, Mahinda Amaraweera a national program to uplift the public transport system will be introduced shortly. As the first stage of the program a passenger prepaid card will be launched early next year to ensure the welfare of passengers, Transport Minister Mahinda Amaraweera said.

The minister added that steps have been taken to implement the prepaid card system.

“We always believe that the bus service should be passenger-friendly,” Minister Amaraweera said adding that the prepaid card system will be benefit passengers.