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On Christmas night I saw Santa

On Christmas night I slept happily. I heard someone laughing around midnight. I was afraid. I woke up and woke my sister. I told her what I heard. Both of us thought it was a thief. We went to the living room. I saw a red colour hat near our Christmas tree. We hid behind the sofa. Oh! I saw the real Santa Claus. It wasn’t a dream. He came to our house to keep our gifts. My sister was happy. After finishing his work he invited us to go to the North Pole. Then we went. We travelled around the world. After that we went to the North Pole. I saw how they prepare our gifts. Then he dropped us home. It was a good day. I wish that you will also see Santa. I hope you also will have the same experience.

Yashodhara Paranagama, Grade 6 G, Musaeus College, Colombo 7.