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Travel and transport

People need to travel to attend to their needs. All early men depended on their feet and slowly changed to use animals. As the pollution increased he wanted faster modes to travel. So, he invented wheels and started to use fuel powered vehicles. We see a difference in travel and transport then and now such as bicycles, motor cycles, lorries and cars which are in use.

Travel is more necessary in people’s life. They started travelling and transporting goods by land, sea and air. It is then that they used fuel powered vehicles. At present, underground railways, hover crafts, mono rail, cars are some of faster modes of travel. The world has become a global village now.

Whatever happens man still looks for quicker and faster modes of travel and transport. Lets hope new inventions will take place to improve transport.

Haarini Logeshwaran, Grade 7, Vembadi Girl’s High School, Jaffna.