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Media personnel briefed on people smuggling

5 January, 2020

A press briefing to make media personnel known on people smuggling, its repercussions and its legal framework was held at the auditorium of Media Centre at the Ministry recently. The event was conducted by Media Coordinator to the Commander of the Navy, Lieutenant Commander Isuru Suriyabandara.

The Navy managed to apprehend a large number of people who continuously attempted to reach Australian shores illegally by boat. In a backdrop where the Australian government has sent a special message to the Sri Lanka Navy with regard to the illegal immigrants, the Navy called this press briefing to draw the attention of the public on the legal measures taken by the Sri Lanka Navy to prevent such illegal attempts by people as well as to shed light on social and family issues associated with this matter.

While underlining the Australian government’s anti-people smuggling campaign ‘Zero Chance’ of illegal migration to Australia, Lieutenant Commander Isuru Suriyabandara brought forward the statistics of human smuggling in 2019 and expressed that there was an increase in human smuggling.

He mentioned that some people had fallen prey to the intrigues by racketeers engaged in this illegal act. Explaining the risk involved in these sea voyages, he further urged the general public not to lose their hard earned money and property by undertaking such risks while tarnishing the image of the country. Elaborating further, he expressed that the naval operations have been increased as never before with the help of capable naval personnel and a strong surveillance system. The Navy would seek the assistance of other security services when necessary, he further opined. Finally, he also invited the general public to inform the Navy at any time about those involved in people smuggling

Journalists representing electronic and print media were present on the occasion.