Dawn of the New Year 2020 | Sunday Observer

Dawn of the New Year 2020

Another year has just flown past

It is time for us to reflect upon the past

A memorable year for many events is just over

No doubt we like to usher in a brand-new year

In a setting that brings peace and happiness

Living well in the new era you would witness

Let love and kindness mark every phase of life

While trying to fulfil the obligations of life

Never say “No” to anything in the new year

When performing daily tasks better sans fear

Always put up a brave front to save you from worry

Don’t leave room for anything to say “Sorry”

Duties to your family, complete them to perfection

Then only you can rest with satisfaction

To society, commitment and passion towards work

To position you well should be your mighty task

In your specific field try your best to shine

Showing your colours well and truly fine

Try to stay active and energetic all the time

Without sedentarily watching TV all the while

Every good thing is engraved in your brain

To find you are right is the happiest gain

Gift your dedicated attention to religious welfare

To temple, church and mosque with extra care

Do your little bit of good where you are

No matter how small try your best to share

Try to make use of every possible opportunity

And reach the greatest heights in peace and prosperity

One-time pearl of pearls in the mighty Indian ocean

Is sure to shine once more among the global nations

- Rupa Banduwardena, Australia