Give me also Christmas please | Sunday Observer

Give me also Christmas please

The poor have longing only God can feel

The destitute have tears only God will see

Impoverished have sighs God does hear

God in poor form came to us dear and near

Bethlehem’s stable where Oxen drool

Clostridium tetani in ass dung crawl

Straw for manger no blue cot draping

Ample samples of animal dropping

Carpenter’s son the educated offended

How can He speak well on text so sacred

Poor man made the rich fisherman’s boat

Joseph and Jesus calloused hands wrought

Begging I see feet by the busy roadside

Rich are on wheels the poor come aside

Diverse slippers old, torn seldom new

Those who stop to help are a rare few

Shoes are my earnings cobbler by trade

No one’s dirt too much shoes are made

Road my friend brother gives me shade

I’m scared how to stitch, eyesight fade

I have four children doing quite well

Their spouse will not have me to dwell

I have no pension at the market I plead

Lunch packet a day from your kind deed

Road the friend of the poor I earn my buck

Rummaging collecting sellables from muck

In pride I ride My old cart, my Benz truck

I give way to none, as daily I try my luck

Darius and Lazarus may have been classmates

Lazarus now looks for food at other’s gates

Dogs help clean his wound bloody bound

Yet his mansion eternal is already found

Poor in spirit take the riches of heaven

Let not your wealth be in you as leaven

Store up treasure where moth can’t eat

Rust corrupt not and thieves can’t steal

Wealth becomes a castle that separates

Treasure multiplies hurts, horror & hates

None are so poor as those who’ve no love

to spend

- Dr Lalith Mendis