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Gears on for first ever racing E-sports in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s motor sportsmen and fans will get an opportunity to be involved in the first ever Esports Championship which is expected to commence on February 11.

This will pave the way for racing enthusiasts to get on to the world map through Esport Speed Runs which will be worked off in four stages in Matara, Colombo, Kandy and Jaffna.

The final stage is set to be held in Colombo according to Prasad Subramaniam the managing director of Mandarin Reid who addressed the media at a briefing on Friday.

He said that the oldest motor racing club in the country, Ceylon Motor Sports Club, has joined hands to promote the Esports Championship Speed Runs while the Southern Motor Sports Club, has come forward to lend a hand for the first stage of the Speed Runs in Matara.

“Esports have become a vital instrument for sports fans around the globe and Sri Lankans too have an opportunity with the aim of motivating locals to go ahead with motor racing Eethusiasts to reach higher levels and compete at international Speed Runs,” said Subramanium.

Speed Run Championships are held in many countries through Esport Championships specially in the Western region where all participants who qualify after competing in their countries set the best timings for qualification.

“Here too we expect to find the best talented competitors who can showcase themselves at these Speed Runs,” said Subramanium.

All participants must be above eight years to be eligible to participate at the Speed Runs.

Entries will be accepted till February 10 and competitors are to be selected on a first come first serve basis according to Subramanium.

The winner and the first runner up in the Group stage will qualify for the final to be held in the month of May for which the date will be announced later.

The top two competitors who record the best timings are considered as winners at the group stage and will compete in the final in Colombo.

Competitors who reach the qualifying timings are to receive the chance to take part in the World Esports Championship Speed Runs to take place in the latter part of 2020 for which the location is yet to be decided.

“If our locals reach qualifying timing they stand the chance to compete making history though the Esports Championship,”said Subramanium.

The present world record for the Esports Championship Speed Runs stand at 1.57 seconds for a distance of 3.5kms.

The vehicles that appear are all German-made high powered Mercedes Benz GTs.

Sheran Cook represented the Ceylon Motor Sports Club at the media launch.