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CCC Line gears up for 2020

The CCC toll free line, which deals primarily with suicide prevention counseling held a car wash last week, opposite the Prince of Wales College. The aim of the dynamic young volunteers was to raise funds and also create awareness of their services.

Ranil Thilekeratne explained “I am the Manager of the CCC Line- which denotes Courage , Compassion and Commitment. The CCC organisation operates a suicide prevention line and the number is 1333. We have trained counselors who will take calls daily in Sinhala, Tamil and English. The line is a toll free number and operates 24 hours a day. The CCC aims to prevent suicide and also guide people out of turbulent situations and depression, giving them hope for the future”

Ranil has been able to identify the needs of the youth and the reasons that lead to depression and suicide. One is the lack of opportunity. Many rural youth feel they are left out in comparison to the young folk in Colombo. This also stems from their inability to communicate in English. Some are bullied in rural schools for simple things like wearing reading glasses. The mindsets of these youth and the adults living around them have to be changed. The CCC Line has also realised the impact and dangerous influence of broken romantic relationships and rejection among youth. This seems to be a major factor leading them to contemplate suicide. Young people in rural areas don’t have mature adults who can sit and talk to them. They also endure social stigma.

Another segment of affected people are parents of young women who have got pregnant before marriage. These girls were deceived into having sex and became pregnant. Then the man suddenly disappears with no trace. Ranil Thilekeratne says “We need to address these issues. Young people may make mistakes, but that is not a reason to end your life, everyone deserves a second chance”. He concluded by adding “Young folk may encounter many challenges, it comes with age and an assortment of reasons. You must talk and open up. Don’t be shy. Come out of the shadows – call our toll free line 1333 with confidence.” (DJ)