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Discover yourself first and then start discovering the world

5 January, 2020

Prominent and young media personality Bernadine Jayasinghe has achieved success remarkably in the field of media and communication, lecturing those aspiring to follow careers in media studies.

Her presentation skills have bagged her many awards, including RaigamTelees Awards, a Presidential Award and the Janabhimani Honourary Award.

Known as Bernie to many, she wants to inspire and be an influential person. As she progresses in her career, she would like more youngsters to take up media and communication as a career.

She talks to Youth Observer about the journey, growing in the industry and inspiring youth.

Q: What made you become a news presenter?

When I got an opportunity to face an interview to become a news anchor, my passion for communication made me want to experience and explore the media industry. So, I listened to my heart and decided to follow my passion.

Q: You are a prominent media personality, how has the journey been so far?

The journey has been great so far. It was an adventurous journey, where I started without any media experience. The start was not easy. You might not be great at first but if you commit, learn and work you can be the best. If you believe in yourself and keep working hard and if you do the right thing you’ll always be able to make it a journey to inspire many.

Q: You have achieved so much for your young age, what inspires your work?

Within these four years, I’m humbled to say that I was nominated at different award ceremonies including the best English TV presenter of the year at the State Television awards ceremony. I was able to win the Best English News Anchor of the year and Best English TV presenter of the nation at RaigamTelees awards ceremony.

I was awarded the President’s Award for Best English Program Presenter of the year at the first-ever Presidential Awards ceremony 2019. Was awarded the Janabhimani Honourary award in the year 2017 as well as in the year 2018.

Success is not a destination but a journey, like to keep my feet on the ground and always see others grow and succeed too. So, the journey together with everyone has been great. “I believe that we need to do what we love and love whatever we have chosen to do”, because when we do what we love we don’t feel it is like a job and when we start loving whatever the work we do, naturally we do well and give our best and enjoy it too.

Self-motivation is very important and so is following your passion. So yes, the passion within me inspires my work. Follow your passion, work hard, be humble enough to learn from others, respect everyone but don’t imitate anyone. Be yourself and come up with your style. You are unique. We need you, not more copies.

Q: Your advice to those planning to take up a career in media and communication?

Communication and Media is not an easy field or industry.

It’s not an easy journey, but if you believe in yourself and work hard nothing is impossible. You might not be great at the beginning or first but if you work hard and walk in the right path with values and integrity, you will be able to achieve your goals and conquer your dreams.

I have done training, lecturing, keynote addresses and reached more than 25,000 people in Sri Lanka, India, Dubai and South Korea.

Within the next five years I am hoping to expand my academy and inspire more people to achieve their dreams while pursuing the media field too.

Q: Your advice to the youth, regarding career, independence and travel?

Discover yourself first and then start discovering the world. Be the author of your life, write your story the way you like and in a way that many will be inspired to work, achieve their dreams, travel while being happy.

Take responsibility, work smart, Live with integrity and great values.

Your mind is a great tool which you can use to make an impact on your life and others.

So, use it wisely and conquer your dreams while doing good to others. Make your story a great story.