Croc and I | Sunday Observer

Croc and I

Good day Oh Mr. Crocodile
Why don't we sit and chat awhile?
I don't know why I got a hunch
that I'll end up being your special brunch
Those long sharp teeth, Oh what a smile
It certainly is out of style
Your eyes a shade of deep dark green
gleaming in the light they look too keen
Shall we dip in the water for a swim?
Through it's surface together we can swim
For tea we'd have a pumpkin pie
We could lie down gazing at the sky
Morn to noon and noon to night
when pink and red the sky burns bright
the two of us a happy pair
Crocodile stories we could share
But now I think ‘ should I advance?
My future, will it have a chance?’
In thought I whiled away the time
while making up this crocodile rhyme...

Aanya Ganemulla ,
14 years,
Holy Family Convent,