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FA Cup reach quarter-final stage

The Vantage FA Cup, the most prestigious football championship which attracts the highest number of teams from all parts of the country, has reached the quarter-final stage.

In earlier games the defending champs Defenders SC lost to Police SC thus losing the chance of defending their title for another year. After putting up a great show the Defenders SC managed only a draw at full time.

Police SC scored five goals while Defenders could only manage to score four during the penalty tie breaker, thus failing to advance further.

In another notable feat Saunders SC, who has won the title a record 21 times, beat Java Lane SC to reach the top eight after a lapse of a few years.

Saunders scored three goals during the penalty tie breaker after the game ended in a 1-1 draw at full time.

Prison SC beat New Young SC to enter the quarter-finals.

Renown SC scored a comfortable victory over New Star SC 2-0 while Blue Eagle SC beat Red Sun SC 1-0.

Former national player EB Channa representing Blue Star SC became the highest goal scorer netting four goals in the game against Up Country Lions.

Quarter-final draw is as follows:

Civil Security SC vs Police SC, Blue Eagles SC vs Renown SC, Sea Hawks vs Saunder SC and Prison SC vs Blue Star SC. The matches are scheduled to be played at the Sugathadasa Stadium.

The first two matches were played yesterday while the third and fourth games will be played today.

The semi-finals will be played on February 1 and the final on February 7 at the Race Course ground.