Keells commences second phase of Plastic Pledge | Sunday Observer

Keells commences second phase of Plastic Pledge

Keells made a bold commitment in July last year, to embark on a journey to reduce 50% of the single use plastic bags and instore prepared food packaging by 2025. Several initiatives were implemented and has resulted in over 50,000 customers bringing their own bags to stores and a significant number of customers bringing their own containers for fish and meat items.

These encouraging improvements with the positive feedback that customers continuously give, has supported Keells to now move to the 2nd phase of this journey.

Latest Introductions include compostable bags for the vegetable and fruit section in addition to meats and seafood which will reduce the use of single-use polythene bags significantly by bringing the total conversion of polythene to compostable bags to 35%.

Keells will continue to offer a Rs. 4 discount for each reusable bag which is reused when shopping to reward customers for actively partnering with Keells.

“This initiative is also being driven at a corporate level on how the team members can reassess current work routines to reduce the use of single use polythene/plastics. “One of such ideas came to life when the festive décor at all Keells Stores during December 2019 , was made of out of environmentally friendly material,” said Head of Marketing at Keells, Nilusha Fernando.

President, Retail, John Keells Group, Charitha Subasinghe said, “This puzzle that is plastic can only be solved with all stakeholders coming together to solve it. Certain areas of finding alternatives to reduce the usage of plastic has been difficult than others, but we will strive to move ahead on this journey we embarked upon.”