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Thanks to adoption her life is a miracle

I’m so grateful that my parents have given me so much, opportunities that I wouldn’t have had had it not been for the gift of adoption.

Sometimes, babies are born under the most impossible and unfortunate circumstances and all odds seem to be stacked against them. But that is not always the case.

Such is the story of Tiffany Seitz, winner of Miss Pennsylvania 2019, who defied all the odds of her tragic birth. In doing so, she proved that no matter what you lived through in the past, you are still able to create a beautiful life for yourself.

She was born with inherited addiction

Tiffany was born addicted to cocaine, which occurs in infants when the mother has been using the drug during the pregnancy. As a result of the condition, doctors gave her only two weeks to live.

“Obviously a child in that type of condition would be in the NICU getting treatment,” Tiffany said. However, because her mother worked as a prostitute and had to make money, she was often left to wait in the streets as an infant.

“It’s a rotten shame,” she adds, “but that was the reality for me.”

From foster care to adoption

Even if she made it past the two weeks mark, doctors had been adamant that she would not live beyond her first birthday. Tiffany managed to do more than survive, but her early years were rough.

Because her situation at home was hectic, she was entered into the foster care system. That’s how the Seitz family came into her life. Despite being told that Tiffany was a “cocaine positive” baby and would not survive long, they decided to take care of her.

At the age of two and a half years old, Tiffany was officially adopted by the Seitzes. What’s more, she grew up without showing any sign of the predicted mental and physical disabilities associated with babies born with inherited addiction.

She now lives an inspiring life

Tiffany is now a strong advocate for adoption, as it gave her a chance to grow up and live her life.

Her childhood was not entirely perfect. Tiffany had to deal with other issues growing up, as she was an African-American child in a “predominantly white” area. Nonetheless, this did not prevent her from shining.

“She has broken every cultural boundary,” her adoptive mother said. “I think that stuff is huge — Tiffany beats her own drum.”

In 2017 Tiffany, an accomplished dancer, graduated from Grove City College with a degree in entrepreneurship. She now teaches dance while also accomplishing her duties as Miss Pennsylvania. Tiffany was also a contestant on Miss America 2020 and to her, the opportunity to be on the show is a testament of her perseverance. It’s kind of a really surreal experience to think that that’s where you come from.

Furthermore, she received the Courage Award in November 2019, alongside James Conner. It is a special honor awarded by the Pittsburgh Steelers and Holy Family Institute, which recognises individuals who have made significant impact in their community.

Living a life that is her own

Tiffany’s story is not only a proof of her determination, but it is also an example of the life-changing effects of adoption. While the Seitz family could have disregarded her as an infant, due to the health factors she was born with, they decided to give her a chance instead.

Now an adult, she lives life to the fullest and proves that her past has not infringed on her present. Yes, she was given a chance at life by being adopted but she also refused to be defined by the unfortunate circumstances of her birth.

No matter what happened in the past, we can always take control of what our present and future can look like. We can act to change the lives of others, but also our own.