Girl rescued after 18 hours buried in snow | Sunday Observer

Girl rescued after 18 hours buried in snow

A 12-year-old girl has been found alive after being buried under snow for 18 hours when an avalanche hit her home in Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

Samina Bibi said she had been "screaming and shouting for help" as she lay trapped in a room under the snow, she told Reuters.

She said she thought she would "die there", before she was rescued.

The Neelum Valley has been hit by avalanches and landslides in recent days killing at least 74 people.

While the Himalayan region is prone to weather disasters, the current death toll is one the highest in recent history.

India-administered Kashmir and Afghanistan have also been affected. But Pakistan-administered Kashmir, and Neelum Valley in particular, were the worst hit. Rescuers there are still searching for missing people.

(Source: BBC News)