Has technology taken over books? | Sunday Observer

Has technology taken over books?

Technology hasn’t fully taken over books. So it is not too late to save them. One half of the world’s people use only technology, but the other half balance technology and books.

Tabs, computers and phones are part of the new technology. We have smart boards, and they are operated by computers in my school. Everybody likes the new tech wizard, but I don’t.

Books give you time to imagine. When you read a fairy tale or any sort of book, you can imagine what’s going on in the story. It is really fun and you also gain knowledge by that process.

Sometimes we get addicted to technology which is bad. We should learn to use it the right way. So, before technology takes over books, let us learn to balance its use.


Surani Maheepala


Grade 8,

Ladies College,

Colombo 7.