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What goes on in these cages?


The cage complex was open. Four children walked in with their uncle. They come to the first cage. “Here", said uncle. We have humans from Orient, Asia, Euro Asia and the Middle East.

"The Middle East has a glorious, ancient civilization and is aesthetically endowed. In architecture, sculpture and painting they are renowned. They have different complexions. Their river valley civilizations is called the cradles of civilization. Now remove your head gear.

"All their religious leaders or teachers came from this region. Their preaching spread round the globe. Had these humans only listened to them and practiced what was taught to them, they would never have been in these cages.

"Countries in the Middle East have oil. They will kill and fight for oil. Alas! they are said to be human. "

"Uncle, this cage has black humans." They are from Africa also called the African continent, that God created in anger! Humans in this continent were given resources and oil. Humans in the next large cage invaded Africa.

"They played dice in dividing the land and plundered the land. The innocent inhabitants were taken as slaves and sold at auctions. They were treated worse than us.

"They suffered much even in their own land. Intelligent, kind-hearted, healthy, sturdy and with beautiful voices. Yes my dears, the countries that took them away are now winning gold medals in sports and trophies in music using the inborn capabilities of these people. Incidentally, the country that treated them worst, elected a President who has origins in this continent.

"Children, shall we give those wonderful people a hand for their beautiful very rare human action. Children, one of their leaders spoke about slavery and its evils. He was killed by his own people.

"Cage No. 4 has humans from North America and Europe. Fair skinned. They sailed the seas, as I said earlier, plundering. Truly a rapacious West. They caused starvation and hatred among the people whose countries they had encroached.

"Taught them to kill their own. Please spare a moment of silence in memory of all humans and also those of our kind who have died.

"Cage. No 5 has humans from South America. Plundered by our friends in cage No. 4 Their culture and language was forced upon these happy, music loving people. That is now over. Great leaders are leading their countries now! People in cage number 5 had magnificent civilizations in the days gone by.

“Children, silence now, remove your head gear. We have come to a very special enclosure. Look at the fountains, our tiny friends the butterflies and bees are flitting from flower to flower. Here, there is a Kovil, a temple, church and a mosque. These edifices are in honour of teachers whom humans believe in.

"Humans were told about love, forgiveness, compassion, giving alms, hatred, not to pursue an intent to kill any living specimen and live in peace. Humans listened. They only listen and then leave these place of worship with revenge, hatred and jealousy in their hearts. You know, we too resort to some violence. This is only when we hunt for food, and when we protect our children, when we need a partner or to protect ourselves. We never plan to kill or hold meetings to conspire against our kind or any other living being.

“Uncle look, ‘podi’ uncle chameleon is here. He is changing colour”. The chameleon winked at Hippo. "Many of us change colour to suit the surroundings and protect ourselves." Everyone laughed. “Now, now, children no pelting with breadcrumbs.

Be animal like and don’t behave like humans, annoy and irritate those who are caged. Appendages of these sea animals are often plucked out when they are alive. Then they are put in to boiling water and cooked and then greedily eaten by these humans, without sparing a thought for the innocent vulnerable species.

"Those large cylinders you see contain appendages. They hunt and kill our brothers and sisters living in the jungles. Killing for pleasure, you see! Set traps you mutilate our kind," said the gecko, perched on a pigeon. "Now they have gone away. They find partners of their own gender. Their great teachers must be crying." The owl called out again. “Children, remember their children. Just like you. A few humans are looking after them."

On the way out, they meet a water monitor and a mother dog. The little puppies were playing with the monitor’s tail. A polecat was with five fluffy chickens on its back. An injured mongoose was clinging on to the hood of a cobra.

A mother cat was feeding two baby rats and three of her own. The two ‘papas’ were enjoying a chat. All were quiet and were truly enjoying themselves doing things the way they want to do.