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The Majority and the Minorities

All over the world we see how the majority are suppressing the minorities. But there are many instances in the world where the minorities suppress the majority. But such incidents are rarely exposed to the world or do not get exposed at all due to various pressures at international level. But when it happened in Sri Lanka, the entire world saw the reaction of the majority. This was through the result of the recently completed Presidential Election.

The unjustifiable pressure put on the majority by the minorities was one major reason for the rise of the majority during the recently concluded Presidential Election. Who are in the majority in Sri Lanka ? They are the Sinhalese, Buddhists, worshipers of all the other main religions, straight people, extended and nuclear family members, villagers and other relevant persons.

It is hilarious to see how some political parties and politicians try to change their long standing `stands’, overnight and come forward with `brand new faces’ in brand new clothes and brand new versions of old slogans for the upcoming General Election. It seems some political parties are re-born within two months !

But fortunately, the people of this country who had been suppressed for five years cannot be misled that easily with any of these tactics. Fabricated news, gossip and tales will not do this time. Fabrication has become an old and ineffective tactic. It seems that the people of Sri Lanka mind their own business but go to the polling booth and vote considering their past, personal experiences. The experiences they gathered during the past five years cannot changed now.

When being a Sinhala, Buddhist becomes a disqualification in his/her own motherland, the reaction of the victims is obvious. The people seriously thought about their basic rights and elected a new President and they will elect a powerful, new Government soon. That is not only with two thirds majority but by a five sixths majority.

Raising Buddhist flags will make no change in what the people experienced during the past five years. Preaching `Bana’ will also not help because two months ago, some individuals in yellow robes who were supporting this political party advised their supporters to make their rival party supporters drink alcohol as much as possible and sleep the whole day in order to prevent them from voting during the Presidential Election scheduled for the following day. Therefore, real Buddhists will never, ever vote again for such a political party in their life time. Buddhists will not believe people who preached and advised them to break

`Pansil’ ( the five precepts) in order to obtain political gains.

Being a normal, straight person became something abnormal in Sri Lanka during the past five years. Being married for a long time and leading a happy married life was considered as something old fashioned and not suitable, especially for professionals. Not smoking and abstaining from alcohol considered as abnormal, old fashion etc. Such individuals were considered as ‘non professionals’. This was the measurement which existed during the past five years in state, semi Government and even some private institutions. The persons who were gay, lesbians, chain smokers, alcoholics and similar persons were given positions, promotions, recognition and everything possible. The most striking factor was giving them ruling powers and the ability to harass ordinary people. There are a large number of Sri Lankan people who had those experiences. But the majority did not surrender ! They waited for five long years with patience until the dark era ended.

Being a member of one of those `minorities’ was something similar to winning a lottery during the past five years. Some persons who were not in those minorities tried to become members of those `minorities’ while some others just pretended to be in one of those minorities in order to gain various benefits. Some ordinary persons forged close friendships with powerful individuals in those `minorities’ in order to gain perks and ended up by tarnishing their good images and even destroying their happy families. But the majority waited in patience. They faced all the challenges with courage. They seek the help of their religions and the God belonging to all religions helped them !

In 2015 or 2016, the majority did not understand the gravity of the situation that much because they thought it is something usual and a usual characteristic of the political party which ruled them. But gradually their belief began to change with what they experienced as a society and as individuals. The members belonging to the majority started to talk with each other and exchange their bitter, personal experiences ! Then they started to realise that something similar to a highly contagious virus is attacking them and their families speedily and that soon the virus will distort the genes of their future generation. That was the turning point for the majority.

There is a limit for everything. Gradually, the majority understood the gravity of the situation and where they are going to end up.They understood the future threats faced by their children. Then they got together and voted in order to save themselves and their future generation. Now, the future generation has been saved. The time will arrive soon to totally eliminate the highly contagious virus. It is time for the next General Election !