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Impact of social media on youth

There are several social media networks that are quite popular these days - facebook, instagram, twitter and linked in. With the fast growing advancement in technology, social media has started taking over and becoming a part of life for the younger generation as well as the old, for the rich and the poor. In fact social media has made the world a ‘Global Village’.

Most people use social media without knowing the impact it has on society. It can be positive when it’s focused on business or any other professional goal.

Social media has a positive impact on youth. It can be in the educational, social, political and professional spheres. It gives youth the opportunity for distance learning or as we call it, e-learning so that they can follow any course or degree of their choice from anywhere in the world.

Most of all it allows them to connect with friends anywhere in the world - communicate with them, share ideas, make new friends and find old ones just by browsing their names. It allows them to check any updates on their friends, post any of their new updates, or show off their talents through social media.

Social media is a medium which has provided many job opportunities for people. Most of the younger generation earn a considerable amount of money by engaging in online businesses through social media. Another positive aspect is that they are able to get information and news from around the world much faster than other forms of media because news on social media spreads much faster.

There is also a negative impact on social media that affects the youth badly. Cyber bullying is one of the major problems. Some people may use social media to bully someone in public by posting confidential information about them or misusing their photos or sending intimate messages. This can affect the youth mentally.

In order to negate these negative aspects of social media, it’s best to use it wisely in a productive way.