SLT conducts CSR program to uplift rural schools | Sunday Observer

SLT conducts CSR program to uplift rural schools

Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT), successfully conducted a special corporate social responsibility (CSR) program at the Primary School, Anamaduwa, Ralapanawa, recently. This program was among a series of other CSR programs that the company conducts regularly to improve the education sector, with an increased focus on supporting and enriching schools in rural areas of the country.

SLT provided several computers, accessories as well as furniture for the school’s IT lab according to the requirements of the school. The company also donated books to the school’s library with books to encourage a reading culture among the students who rely on the school for a sound education that will lay a strong foundation for their future. In addition to this, the CSR program also comprised several activities to motivate and encourage students of the school, such as the appreciation of high performers in a variety of disciplines including academics, sports as well as other extra-curricular activities.

SLT has earned the reputation for conducting these noteworthy CSR programs regularly at different schools across the country. The main goal behind these programs is to build and maintain a strong relationship with the education sector and the community whilst also supporting to raise the bar in the standard of education in the country, which plays a crucial role in molding the future generations to ensure responsible citizens equipped with knowledge, character and integrity. The company has plans to further enhance these programs and continue them.