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CFL President’s Cup football from February 2

26 January, 2020

Six football teams have been invited to participate in the President’s Cup football tournament scheduled to begin on February 2 with all matches to be played at the City League ground in Slave Island.

The six teams are divided into two groups with Group A having Serendib SC, Mawanella SC and Java Lane SC and Group B taking in Saunders SC, Blue Stars SC and Colombo SC.

A tournament rule says that no foreign player will be allowed to participate in this tournament and all teams should forward their 25 number team list for registration with the tournament secretary.

The two top teams from each group qualify for the semi-finals which will see the Group ‘A’ winner meeting runners-up of Group ‘B’ while Group ‘B’ winner takes on runners-up of Group ‘A’.

Group B matches will be postponed as Saunders SC and Blue Star SC have qualified to play in the semi-finals of FA Cup tournament and therefore all matches in Group A will be completed.

The winning team will carry away the President’s Cup outright plus a cash prize of Rs. 200,000 while the runners-up will be presented with Rs. 150,000 according to R. Puvananthiran the President of City Football League at a media briefing on Friday.

The special awards after the final will go for the best goal keeper and best player who will receive Rs. 5000 each and the final will be played in the first week of March.

Matches are scheduled to begin at 3.30 pm and all players are expected to be at the venue at least 90 minutes early.