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Factory staff our biggest asset - Ramya Holdings chief

9 February, 2020

Being a role model among entrepreneurs and setting an example of carrying out ethical business with a strong human touch, Ramya Holding Limited, Chairperson Ramya Weerakoon is always willing to go that extra mile in providing welfare to her staff members.

“Our staff is our biggest strength. We take great care of them in their needs and work to improve their living standards. This brings us immense satisfaction as we consider social values over monetary gains. The passion, dedication and commitment of our staff cannot be measured and it is a new dimension in our business journey which is a success story for aspiring entrepreneurs to follow,” she said.

Ramya Weerakoon, the Chairperson of Ramya Holdings and Trendywear and the President of the National Chamber of Exporters, entered the apparel industry with the establishment of Ramya Apparels (Pvt) Ltd in 1988, comprising 35 machines and 54 workers. The company was restructured in 2003 with the incorporation of Trendywear (Pvt) Ltd with two factories and a workforce of 1,000, which currently has five state-of-the-art factories in Kadawatha, Katupotha, Adhikarigama, Delgoda and Wellawa, providing direct employment to over five thousand employees.

Focusing more on the upmarket ladies wear category, Trendywear has a niche market and the fully integrated infrastructure of the company allows the production of a wide range of garments while paying great attention to detail. From its inception, the company acquired an excellent reputation for quality products, consistency, reliability and timeliness of delivery. Due to this it has become the preferred choice of its clients looking for quality ladies and children’s wear.

The company provides a comprehensive product range including knit and woven garments, dresses, skirts, blouses, pants, jump suits, school uniforms and corporate wear. The factories currently handle large production volumes of more than 8.5 million pieces of high quality garments annually.

Trendywear serves customers in the USA, UK, EU countries, Australia and the Middle East. The company has achieved excellence in business aspects related to health, safety and human ethics by acquiring certifications such as ISO 9001-2008 and Wrap Platinum.

The factories are well equipped with modern hardware as well as software for designing, cutting, quality assurance and packing. The manufacturing units are well supported by a fully equipped sample room with CAD/CAM systems. They are manned by a dedicated team of professionals catering to every design and development needs of customers.

Innovation is a creative science engaged by the company, wherein products are developed to create a unique demand in the global market place, through the combination of an innovative spirit and modern technology. The company has implemented a mandatory framework to become an eco-friendly organisation and to advance sustainability, through clear guidelines for the prevention, reduction and elimination of harmful effects to the environment and natural resources.

Employees are considered the strength of the company and are driven by continuous learning, valuing and nurturing the potential of each individual to enhance talent, knowledge and performance.

As a people intensive business, great emphasis is placed on the development of skills, as well as the motivation of all workers. The process of empowering the workers from the factory floor right up to the Board Room consists of challenging the status quo, expression of ideas, use of innovative thinking and decision making, to inspire the pursuit of excellence.

As the group’s local wing Aditi Infinity (Pvt) Ltd is specialized in fashion garments for the local market. The label Aditi was launched to cater to local clients to meet the high demand for quality fashion ladies wear in Sri Lanka.

The company is the stepping stone of the Group to move towards manufacturing high value fashion garments and brand promotion to the high-end local and international market. It already owns four retails shops in major commercial cities in Sri Lanka and has expanded itself in the upcoming super luxury shopping malls in Colombo while initiated its first overseas retail business in Australia and web based business in Europe.

With over 75% of the workforce of the company being female, a difference is made to their lives by fostering pride in their job, as well as an appreciation of their place in the organisation, the community and the country. Further a safe and secure work environment is provided to them to thrive in their careers and their personal lives.

In regard to their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) the support of the Company extends well beyond the factory floor and reaches into the hearts of employees through many initiatives and activities such as building of homes, providing health care and education. The values of the Company entail honesty and Integrity, flexibility, accountability, passion for excellence, trust and mutual respect, entrepreneurship and innovation and team work. We promote ethics, good governance and social values for a life beyond the materialistic path. This is to enable a sustainable and meaningful life that will become a fulfilled journey.

The group has also carried out other CSR projects such as the reconstruction and renovation of hospitals, houses and religious institutions, as well as by organizing Disaster Relief and Management Programs.

Being its own example for what is specified in detail has paved the way for the group to receive many awards and accolades since 1998 both locally and internationally for its outstanding performances and entrepreneurial success. Ramya Group of Companies has diversified into different business ventures such as garments, leisure and foliage plants creating a hallmark in its chosen fields. Trendywear Pvt Ltd, Ramya Horticulture, The Plains boutique hotel and garments under its own label Aditi garments are retailing in Sri Lanka with the efforts in taking it up to the international market.

“The coronavirus has posed new challenges to our businesses. As, inputs of a major portion of our garment products are sourced from China, we face a limitation at present. As a result the supply chain is impacted and the production lines get idle. Since there is a long ordering process, selecting a different supplier cannot be done easily. We need to get prior approval for production from the buyer. We look forward with a positive mind and confident that the situation will improve with passing time.

“We fervently hope that this epidemic will phase off shortly and it will not be a concern for the economy or the business community any more,” she said.