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SLT Broadband Services: 5G the next milestone

Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) is now ready to unveil the next giant milestone in the telco industry as the company is fully furnished to facilitate the Sri Lankans with 5G experience via fixed wireless broadband access.

Modern and advanced technology users of today expect ultra-fast networks everywhere. Even at homes, consumers are keen on receiving fast and uninterrupted video streaming services and also want Internet access for their laptops, phones, tablets, televisions, and other smart devices.

Through the advent of 5G, an opportunity is opened up for Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) services, which offers wireless broadband to homes as well as to businesses. This enormous step will be paving paths to introduce and uplift business opportunities in Sri Lanka commending the new product which has currently recorded 1.7Gbps of 5G speed at the trial.

Besides, SMEs are also increasingly expanding their businesses to extents where high speed internet is a must. Consequently, e-Commerce, e-Payment and a growing number of other essential devices are needed to be connected online all the time. Latest SLT 5G broadband access is the best available solution to fulfil all these wants and needs.

In fact, Fixed 5G services were demonstrated in the 3.5Ghz trial band allocated by TRCSL recently. Thus, be prepared to welcome the other vertical capabilities of 5G technology which will be trialled and introduced in due course to facilitate the intensifying Digital Sri Lanka.

5G will reach customers with high speeds, high data volumes providing a high capacity of bandwidth which is undoubtedly the main concern of the mass users of broadband services. 5G will encourage the blooming of entrepreneurs and enterprises alive with the low latency which will be needed in times of critical missions and where the fastest responses are desired, an SLT spokesman said.

SLT’s 5G is the long-expected service for the growing ICT era in the country as it allows mass connectivity where the user is capable of connecting many machines and many applications in one go. Reliability and high availability of 5G service is an ecstasy to all esteemed clients of this fast-moving sophisticated world. Surprisingly innovative 5G is tested to be one of the most resilient broadband services provided by the national ICT backbone in Sri Lanka.