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An unforgettable day in my life

Last Friday, I was going home after school. I saw a little bird on the ground. It was chirping. The mother bird was on the tree making a big noise. I was very sad. It was on a pool of blood and was helpless. It’s mother was crying, so I decided to take it home. I called my mother for help. She came to my room and she helped me to treat the bird. We treated the bird, then I gave it a little milk to drink. The bird drank the milk, and it tried to fly. Next, I took it to its nest, and I gave it to its mother.

The mother bird stopped crying, and it smiled happily. I was very happy and proud about myself because I helped a helpless bird. The next day, I went to my school, and I told about the incident to my friends. They appreciated me and my class teacher felt happy because one of her students had done a good job. It was an unforgettable day in my life.

A.W.M. Yenuli
Methasani Wijekoon,
Grade 9 E,
St. Joseph’s College,