A leaf | Sunday Observer

A leaf

Cracked leaf aloof in strokes of autumn,
scorched and scarred were my dreams,
you walked in; a kiss from spring’s blossom,
yet disdained your touch my woeful screams
dried and crackled in the flames of my past,
your breath came down on me like the rain,
to a broken heart your love was a cast,
lip prints imprinted on every inch of pain
I was whole in the reflection of your eyes,
exploding fireworks at your sweet caress,
heart sang the melody of forgotten reprise,
every moment your love you did profess
little did I know you’d fly come the summer,
thousands of miles across the depths of blue,
abandoned in my solitude left to ponder,
once again I’m a leaf; this time in winter’s hue... 

- Dinuli Francisco