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MTM the versatile Trinitian

MTM Zaruk
MTM Zaruk

MTM Zaruk, better known as MTM was a doyen of Trinity College cricket, rugby, hockey and athletics and had the privilege of leading the team in both cricket in 1964 and 1965, rugby in 1965 and won Colours and the Lion.

He won the batting prize in 1964 and fielding prize in 1963. In addition he was a senior prefect, and Ryde Gold Medallist and also won the AHR Joseph award for the best all-around excellence in 1963.

MTM was a stylish batsman and his teammates were Harindra Dunuwille, AC Bartholomeusz, SBC Galgama, EKB Wadugodapitiya, RBJ Munaweera, DC Ondaatje, Himendra Ranaweera, AS Ratwatte, Mohan Sahayam and Glen Vanlangenberg.

He won his Colours along with Bartholomeusz in 1962 and the converted cricket Lion in 1965 with Harindra Dunuwille.

In 1964 MTM was the captain of the Central Zone team that he led against the Indian Schools team which had cricketers like Sunil Gavaskar, Eknath Solkar and the Amaranath brothers.

He also represented the Central Province against Pakistan captained by Imthiaz Ahmed that had players in the mould of Asif Iqbal, Javed Burki and Inthikab Alam.

MTM was selected along with Harindra Dunuwille and Himendra Ranaweera to play for the Combined Schools team.

In rugby MTM played as a scrum half and played in the Bradby match of 1962 when NTE Brohier led the side. Royal won the first leg 5-0 and Trinity won the second leg 9-3.

MTM captained the team in 1965 and the first leg of the Bradby was drawn 6-6 and they lost the second leg 8-3 to finish as unofficial school champions.

He won a place in the Sri Lanka team as a scrum half but was not in a position to do the national jersey at a match.

MTM as an undergraduate played for the University team as well as the All Ceylon President’s XV against the Bosuns which was probably the first foreign team to play in the country.

In 1967 MTM played a few games for CR and FC.

He was a graduate in Agriculture from the Peradeniya University and worked as a Research Officer at the Department of Agriculture for 10 years during which he read for an MSC at the University of Wales.