Ariana Grande and supposed boyfriend Mikey Foster went to Disneyland together | Sunday Observer

Ariana Grande and supposed boyfriend Mikey Foster went to Disneyland together

Love might just be back in the air for Ariana Grande. Although the singer hasn’t outright confirmed anything, a source with US Weekly alleges that Ari has been dating Mikey Foster, half of the Pittsburgh pop duo Social House, since June 2019.

The reported confirmation comes after the pair were spotted together at Disneyland. Ariana and Mikey were photographed arm-in-arm on their Saturday (February 1) outing, with an US Weekly source alleging that the two have been an item for a number of months.

Fans of the singer aren’t exactly unfamiliar with Mikey. As US Weekly pointed out, he appeared in Ari’s Boyfriend music video — the song she made with Social House — where the two shared some on-screen kisses. Prior to the video’s release, Ariana and Mikey had also worked together on other projects, Glamour notes, including her hit single Thank U, Next. However, since the Boyfriend video dropped, the friends have been frequently spotted together, Us Weekly notes, and speculation about the status of their relationship was previously rampant on Twitter.

Back in September, Frankie Grande had talked publicly of a ‘double date’ he went on with Ariana and Mikey, E! News reports. He later cleared up his comments, saying, “My sister is not in a relationship. Everyone relax. She is very much single.”

It is possible that things have changed between the pair since September, but for now, the status of their reported relationship remains just speculation. Ariana and Mikey have not yet offered public comment, and when it comes to unnamed sources, it’s always best to take those words with a grain of salt. It is totally a thing for a pair of friends to enjoy Disneyland together, and with the two frequently working together in the past, it’s not out of the question for them to enjoy one anther’s company without any romantic significance attached. Ultimately, we’ll have to wait and see on this one.