Spring is in the air… | Sunday Observer

Spring is in the air…

This season, ODEL embraces the statement ‘Less is More’ with their ‘Resort to Basics’ collection. The range of products highlights fashion staples and wardrobe essentials, made from breathable fabrics. The collection draws inspiration from the Japanese concept of ‘Shibusa’ which refers to an aesthetic that is simple, subtle and unobtrusively beautiful. The campaign’s allusion to the Japanese culture is brought in through recurrent visual motifs such as bamboo, eastern red-crowned crane- a sign of good luck, blooming chinoiserie (Japanese cherry blossoms, symbolic of renewal and new beginnings) and the iconic Tori Gate that signifies transition.

‘Every season we draw inspiration from different countries, cultures and spaces for our campaigns here at ODEL. This time around, our inspiration stems from Japan; its culture that embraces simplicity and minimalism, two attributes that we have strongly inculcated in our new collection, 'Resort to Basics', ‘commented Ms. Desiree Karunaratne, Group Director Marketing, Softlogic Group. ‘