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How I spent my holidays

The day the holiday season began, I was so excited. I had passed to Grade three. I bought my new books and went shopping. We visited supermarkets, shoe shops and toy shops. My sister and I bought many toys. When we returned home, mum said that we could visit the zoo. The next day, we packed our backpacks and left home at 9.00 a.m. We stood in line to get our tickets. Then we went to the aquarium. Wow! I shouted. There was a huge fish. We saw lots of tiny fish and huge fish. And then we saw many animals. We saw the ducks, swans, elephants, giraffes, goats, lions and tigers. Mom then said, “Let’s go home,” but I didn’t want to leave the zoo. But at last, I agreed. When we came home, we were very tired. We had tea and the snacks we bought on the way. Then we all had a nice nap. This was the best day in my life.


Uzma Zahim,

Grade 3 B,

Lead The Way Girls’ International,