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The Little Lost Hen and other stories

The Little Lost Hen and other stories by Enid Blyton is a collection of short stories titled The Little Lost Hen, Little Mrs. Millikin, The Packet of Sweets, Billy-Bob’s Coconut, A Hole in Her Stocking, The Tale of a Tail, Never Mind!, The Wrong Bus, and The Disappearing Presents.

The Little Lost Hen begins with a description of how a little boy named Harry who was coming home from school one afternoon sees a little red hen that was going to cross the road in a busy street, all by itself. Harry wonders what the hen is doing in the middle of the road and guesses that it must have got lost.

He knows that the hen will get run over if it tries to cross the road and decides to take it home. He keeps the hen in his room where the hen explores its new surroundings. Harry finds out that the hen belongs to a lady in the neighbourhood and arranges for it to be returned to her.

A Hole in Her Stocking is about a girl named Melanie who neglects to make her bed, dust her room, mend her clothes and darn her stockings. Melanie lives in a beautiful village in the English countryside and looks forward to celebrating Christmas. On Christmas Eve, Melanie cannot go to sleep because she is excited about Christmas Day. On Christmas morning, Melanie gets a surprise that teaches her to do her work.

Reviewed by Hannah William