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Our staple food

Our staple food is rice. We eat rice with curries. We aren’t like the Americans or the Chinese who cannot eat any spicy food. They like to eat sweet tasting food. In North America, the staple food is corn, squash and beans while it is noodles for the Chinese. As our afternoon meal, we eat rice with a few curries. At dinner too, we sometimes eat rice and curry. Sri Lankans love spicy food. Sri Lanka is named ‘Spicy World’. In ancient times, when the Portuguese were in Sri Lanka, they admired our spicy food. They hadn’t heard of ‘rice and curry’ before they came to Sri Lanka. They took our spices to their country. There is a saying: “The person who knows the taste of rice, loves Sri Lanka.”




Grade 7,

Musaeus College,

Colombo 7.