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World wide commercial success

Mick Jagger shows no sign of old age on stage
Mick Jagger shows no sign of old age on stage

In a global music industry that is currently turning out musicians and singers in the hip-hop, garage, rap and what-have-you mode, Britain’s Rolling Stones stand out as a band who indulges in rock of the early years. They haven’t changed their style of singing to this day. Remember their hit ‘I Can’t get No Satisfaction’ or for that matter ‘Paint it Black’ or Jumpin ‘Jack Flash’? The band headed by Mick Jagger – singer and harmonica man are proud that their music is popular as in the day they launched their music career. The Rolling Stones and the Beatles have done Britain proud and although the Beatles sound is now silent, the Rolling Stones are very much in focus and will be on their ‘No Filler Tour’ to the United States in May 8 this year 2020. Their tour will last till July 9th with 17 new dates.

In a comment about the tour Mick Jagger said “There’s something about the rhythm of hitting the road. It gets in your blood”.

And it sure does for Mick Jagger. Because not even a heart issue has slowed Jagger down. The Rolling Stones together are putting on grand rock shows, not living in the shadow of their glory years. They’re like well-oiled machines.

In a spool back the Rolling Stones became a reality in London way back in 1962. They’re been on the scene now for 58 years and when they formed, their line-up was Brian Jones – guitar/harmonica/keyboards, Mick Jagger – lead vocals/harmonica, Keith Richards – guitar/vocals, Bill Wyman – bass guitar, Charlie

Watts – drums and Ian Stewart-piano. In an interview with the BBC,

Mick Jagger now 75 years expressed himself “We were very pop oriented. We didn’t sit around listening to Muddy Waters, we listened to everything. In some ways it’s easy to write. Keith and I got into the groove of writing those kind of tunes .... they were done in ten minutes....”

A world wide commercial success the Rolling Stones have sold over 240 million albums world wide. Their highest-grossing tours of all time were Bridges to Babylon Tour, Voodoo Lounge Tour, A Bigger Bang Tour. The group has performed more than two thousand concerts around the world and is credited with changing the “whole business of popular music”.Critically acclaimed rock bands of all time and named after Muddy Waters song ‘Rollin Stone’ the band has rocked on for more than 50 years, any wonder fans have dubbed them as the “World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band”.

I’d like to round off with a portion of the lyrics of their big hit I Can’t Get No Satisfaction Which could be directed to present day radio.

When I’m driving’ my car and the man comes on radio

He’s telling me more and more about some useless information

Supposed to fire my imagination

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction....