Free eco-friendly fertilizer to be distributed for farmers | Sunday Observer

Free eco-friendly fertilizer to be distributed for farmers

Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal made by the Minister of Mahaveli, Agriculture, Irrigation and Rural Development to prepare and implement a pilot project for the distribution of environment friendly fertilizer free of charge for the farmers with effect from Yala season 2020.

It was decided at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers held on January 2, 2020 that a methodology should have to be prepared for encouraging the farmers to utilize organic fertilizer with higher standards.

Accordingly a cabinet sub - committee was appointed to prepare a methodology and submit appropriate recommendations. The Committee points out that it is required to publish the necessary standards for organic liquid fertilizer and bio fertilizer since Sri Lanka Standards Institute has already declared the precise standards for organic fertilizer. Approximately 250 organic fertilizer manufacturers are in operation island - wide by now whereas 36 out of them have been issued the certificates of standard.