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Seylan unveils ‘Mega Rewards’

Seylan Bank has introduced ‘Seylan Mega Rewards’ to reward all the precious moments of a customer’s life and will replace the ‘Seylan Sure’ and ‘Seylan Thilina Sayura’ loyalty scheme.

The rewards scheme is opened for personal savings and current accounts, proprietorship savings and current accounts and personal foreign currency fixed deposits and savings accounts, in addition to the ‘Tikiri Minor Savings Accounts’.

The scheme will reward account holders during precious moments of their lives such as weddings, child birth, and milestone public examinations while also support them during surgery and in retirement.

Rupee savings and foreign currency savings customers will also be eligible for hotel stays of up to two nights.

Seylan Mega Rewards offers customers a platform on which to achieve their personal aspirations. Eligible newlyweds will receive a cash gift of up to Rs. 100,000.00, while the new born will get a ‘Tikiri’ account with up to Rs. 100,000.00 when an account holder gives birth.

Children of eligible account holders who perform exceptionally at Ordinary and Advanced Level Examinations, both local and overseas, will receive cash gifts, as well ‘Tikiri Account’ holders who excel in the Grade five Scholarship examination. In the event of an emergency surgery, Seylan Bank will reimburse up to Rs. 200,000.00 of the expenses.

Rupee account holders

will be eligible for the rewards scheme if they maintain a minimum of Rs. 20,000 in their accounts over six or 12 months, depending on the category they are eligible