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The person I admire most

The person I admire most is my grandmother. Her name is Nandavathi Gamage. She passed away three years ago. Her village is in Matara. She was kind to all children and had many good qualities. Her greatest quality was her generosity. She always played the role of a great grandmother and she was a great story teller too.

She was a talented chef and we all loved to eat her delicious food. She never failed to offer a humble and scrumptious meal to a guest who happened to be at home. Everyone called her Aunty Eva. She wanted us to be educated. She taught us discipline in life.

I learnt many things from my grandmother. She had a good knowledge of many subjects such as gardening, Buddhism, Astrology and Languages. I miss my grandmother a lot and have sweet memories of her. She will be in my heart forever. I love my grandmother very much.


Hesandi Kavithma Geeganage,

Grade 7,

Ananda College,Kottawa.