Sixty MPs to lose pensions | Sunday Observer

Sixty MPs to lose pensions

If the President dissolves Parliament on March 2, nearly 60 MPs will lose their pension rights as they have not completed their full term in Parliament.

Authoritative sources told the Sunday Observer yesterday that to get the pension, a Parliamentarian has to complete a five-year term in Parliament. Therefore, if the President dissolves Parliament on March 2, nearly 60 MPs will lose their pension.

The sources said however, there had been instances where the pension had been given to three or four MPs who had another few months to complete their full term in Parliament based on sympathetic grounds.

They said the Government will not move any motion to restore the pension of these 60 MPs. If these same MPs are not elected next time, they will definitely lose their pension.

Asked whether Parliament will be dissolved on March 2, the sources said the regulation is already there and the Parliament can be dissolved on March 2 on completion of four and half years. However, the President has to issue a gazette notification to dissolve Parliament and also mentioning the date to convene the new Parliament.

In addition to the Cabinet and the Prime Minister of the caretaker Government, the Speaker, Leader of the Opposition and the members who represent the Constitutional Council will also remain until a new Parliament is elected.

Meanwhile, Government sources confirmed that Parliament will be dissolved by the President on March 2 and added that the General Election is due to be held on April 25. They said nominations may be called from March 11 to 17.