My kin, I’ve got a favour to ask | Sunday Observer

My kin, I’ve got a favour to ask

When I see you,
Birds of my breed,
Fly over where I’m
And take wings to the
Clear blue sky,
Beauty of which is alluring,
Between the bars of this cage
In whichI’ve been imprisoned
I feel jubilant,
Though I’m deprived of all
When I hear you sing songs
As you free birds like to sing,
I feel cheerful,
Though nothing I’ve
For me to sing songs
Will you my kin, beloved
Have pity on me,
Beg the fools in this house,
Who’ve caged me
Knowing no mercy
But saying, for me,
They’ve a big love
Which only they know!
To set me free
In the name of the love
So called,
In case your plea
Will fall on deaf years,
Please do me a big favour
To make my misery
Less harsh
By promising me to come
Whenever you can
But keeping a safe distance
From these humans heartless
To see how, I grieve
For a fault which
I’ve never known

- N.A.A.P.K. Nedurana