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Uber introduces new safety features

8 March, 2020

Uber is continuously raising its service delivery bar by introducing features to ensure improved and an efficient service for riders and drivers with safety as a priority.

Following repeated incidents of violence, US-based multinational ride-hailing company Uber, which launched operations in Sri Lanka in 2016, has introduced several new safety features that Sri Lankan riders could use. Uber has also appointed a dedicated law enforcement team to deal with local authorities.

The newly introduced safety features have been integrated into one place for easy reference. These include access to vehicle details to ensure the right driver partner and looks forward to customer feedback to provide an unparalleled service.

Uber’s Head of Central Operations for South Asia, Pavan Vaish said, “The new safety features will showcase our deep commitment towards ensuring the safety of riders and driver partners. We have introduced these features keeping in mind the operational environment and have introduced country specifics that are unique to Sri Lanka. We have speed limit alerts, dos and don’ts in behaviour, embedded among community guidelines.”

This toolkit feature for riders and drivers is simple, convenient and needs only one click. It also has the facility of real time ID check to ensure that the right driver is in the vehicle. “We are in pilot mode and will provide training to drivers in Sri Lanka in the near future. All Uber riders are insured. There will be no additional cost from the start to finish which gives an added feeling of comfort,” he said.

Responding to queries on several incidents of violence unleashed on Uber riders in the recent past, Vaish said that Uber has appointed a dedicated law enforcement team to deal with local authorities.

“When it comes to driver registration, we ask for their licence, photo, vehicle registration documents, revenue licence and insurance documents of the vehicle. We also encourage drivers to obtain the police clearance certificate. If these documents are not authentic, we won’t encourage them on the Uber platform where millions of drivers are registered,” he said.

The safety features of phone anonymisation, real-time ID check, trusted contacts, insurance coverage, driving hours limit and speed limit alert, together with three new safety features, including the Uber Safety Helpline which will provide riders with the option to get in touch with Uber’s safety team, Ride Check which will enable Uber to flag certain trip irregularities and PIN verification which is a feature to help ensure riders get into the car they are ordered is matched through the app.

“With plans to roll out a 24/7 safety line, there will be a trained response team to assist customers and that is not a replacement for the emergency line. We look at the needs from a Sri Lankan point of view,” he said.