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Well Done, Secret Seven

Well Done, Secret Seven by Enid Blyton revolves around yet another adventure of the Secret Seven which consists of the seven children Pam, Janet, Barbara, Peter, Colin, George and Jack.

This adventure takes place during the summer holidays. The children find their usual meeting place, which is the shed at the bottom of Janet and Peter’s garden too stuffy, because of the warm weather and they decide to look for another place.

They explore the Windy Woods nearby and find a large tree with broad, low hanging branches that are easy to climb and they decide to make a tree house.

The seven children enjoy themselves making the tree house. They bring wooden boards and build a beautiful tree house which is their meeting place this summer.

The children have their first meeting in the tree house the same day with Peter and Janet’s golden retriever Scamper on guard at the bottom of the tree. Suddenly the children hear Scamper barking and look down and see a boy. They want to keep their tree house a secret but Peter nearly falls off a branch and causes a sound which gives their secret away.

The boy on the ground below looks up and sees the tree house but Scamper chases him away before he can climb the tree and explore. The children go home at five in the evening that day thinking that the boy would not return.

The next morning the children go to their tree house in Windy Woods and find that some of their things are missing. They are puzzled as to who has found their tree house but do not have a clue about who it is. They play dominoes for a while and then go to their homes. That night Colin remembers that he has left a book in the tree house and decides to collect it. He finds someone in the tree house and the adventure begins.

Reviewed by Hannah William