Govt takes steps to self-quarantine 11,482– Army Comm. Lt. Gen. Shavendra Silva | Sunday Observer

Govt takes steps to self-quarantine 11,482– Army Comm. Lt. Gen. Shavendra Silva

In a bid to prevent the rapid spread of COVID-19, the Government of Sri Lanka has taken measures to self-quarantine and daily monitor 11,482 individuals in different parts of the country as of the morning of yesterday, Head of the National Operation Centre for the Prevention of COVID-19 and Army Commander Lt. Gen. Shavendra Silva told the media.

He stressed that the spread of the virus is still confined to close contacts of the infected and the Government is taking all measures to stop the transmission of COVID-19 outside original clusters.  He assured that those who are under 14-days self-quarantine period are daily inspected by Public Health Inspectors (PHI) and Police officers of the respective area.

“If the general public is well in line with the curfew and other instructions imposed by the Government, we can easily stop the spread of COVID-19” the Army Commander said.

He requested remaining individuals, if there are any, to register immediately with the nearest police station to assist the Government in curbing the new coronavirus.

“We understand that certain people who returned from foreign countries are afraid to register because they went abroad in an illegal manner. They should not be afraid of that and we kindly request them to register as their support is most needed at this moment” he added.

Meanwhile, 24 quarantine centres have been currently set up by the Sri Lanka Army with the assistance of the Ministry of Health to contain the people who arrived from foreign countries.

As of 7 pm yesterday Covid 19 positive cases in the country stood at 76, the

qurantine centres were increased to 22 with

3063 including 31 foreigners warded in them.

One military officer and a consultant doctor have contracted the virus.