‘No shortage of milk-based products’ | Sunday Observer

‘No shortage of milk-based products’

Consumers need not panic as the country has  adequate stocks of milk powder and milk based products to meet demand in the coming weeks, said Minister of Mahaweli, Agriculture, Irrigation and Rural Development, Chamal Rajapaksa.

He said the government has taken measures to ensure the smooth supply of essential food items during the lockdown period with the support of the private sector.

“There is no shortage of any of the essential commodities in the country. People should not be carried away by rumours circulating through social media aimed at tarnishing and demoralising the good work of patriotic citizens,” the Minister said.

News circulating across social media sites stated that the country was bracing for an acute shortage of food items and other commodities such as fuel. Rebuffing such claims, the minister said the Presidential task force in collaboration with the health services, tri forces and volunteers have launched a major program to ensure the smooth supply of food, medicine and other essential items during the current period. “All measures have been taken to control the spread of the deadly virus which to a great extent has been brought under control. We need the fullest support of everyone to eradicate the menace and restore normalcy again,” Minister Rajapaka said. However, he said that if the situation intensifies locally and globally, the supply of food items and other commodities could face an issue as most countries exporting items have gone into lockdown mode. “All depends on how soon the world will be rid of the current pandemic that has crippled the value chain across all key sectors, the minister said, assuring that the government will strain every nerve to ensure uninterrupted supply of food products and other essential services. However, importers and experts in logistics said it is easier said than done, adding that buying commodities at a time when most countries from which Sri Lanka imports items are on lockdown, will be a daunting task. Milco, the premier dairy producer in the country, has been facing  financial losses in the past years. The company is said to have made profits in 2015 and in the following year.