Sale No. 11 of March 17 and 18 | Sunday Observer
Tea Market Report

Sale No. 11 of March 17 and 18

While all planting districts continued to mostly experience dry and humid conditions, the Department of Meteorology has predicted a break in the current weather in the coming days with possible heavy rainfall in the Western slopes and afternoon showers in the Uva and Low Grown areas. All plantations have reported record low crop intakes during the past week.

This week’s sale comprised 5.1 m/kgs; down by 0.6 m/kg compared to the previous sale. Low Grown Leafy/Tippy/Premium Flowery Grades comprised 1.9 m/kgs, whilst Main Sale High & Medium category teas totaled approximately 0.7 m/kgs. Teas on offer in the Ex Estate catalogue amounted to almost 860,533 kgs.

Low Grown teas met with fair demand. Leafy BOP1’s and OP1’s in general were fully firm to dearer, whilst others were firm. The best OP’s/OPA’s ruled fully firm to dearer whilst the balance was about firm. Pekoes/Pekoe1 in general were firm to dearer. Select best FBOP’s mostly held firm. The better made FBOPF1’s too saw good demand and sold around last levels. Very Tippy Teas continued to attract useful demand and ruled fully firm. Secondary sorts however, were irregularly lower.

There was improved demand for the better teas at this week’s Ex Estate auction with renewed interest from some of our traditional Far Eastern markets. Business in China appears to be fast getting back on track which is indeed a welcome sign from the point of view of the Colombo Tea Trade. Demand from the European Union countries was again subdued whilst Russia continued to support a wider cross-section of teas suitable for the “Tea Bag” segment.

This week’s auction comprised 9,238 lots totalling 5,148,324 kgs. - Lanka Commodity Brokers Ltd.