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ENT Surgeons advise to avoid injuries

Sri Lanka College of Otorhinolaryngologists and Head and Neck Surgeons advise to avoid ear, nose and throat injuries as treatment could be delayed during this COVID 19 outbreak.

Issuing a special public notice the College of Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeons of Sri Lanka also advised parents to take special care of children in order to avoid such injuries.

“Most examinations of ear, nose and throat including simple throat examination to visualize the voice box and most ENT procedures like endoscopies and surgeries on the upper airways are recognized as Aerosol generating procedures,” the notice read.

It further explained that Aerosol originating from a COVID 19 infected person can pass the infection to doctors and other staff, and if health care workers get infected, they need to be kept away from work resulting in closure of units or entire hospitals. Moreover, the infected health care workers can spread the infection to other patients during pre-symptomatic periods.

“Hence, most ENT academic organizations have recommended to avoid or postpone the above mentioned procedures. If there is an emergency for these, use full protection gear which are short in supply in many parts of the world including Sri Lanka,” it further added.

Therefore, the public should expect postponement of non-important ENT procedures and limited service at ENT units during this epidemic.

The surgeons welcome patients to call the hospitals and ENT doctors will be ready to advise them on future course of action.

It is important to avoid certain home accidents related to ear, nose and throat when you stay at home during the lockdown period. For instance, the public should be very careful when eating fish and meat to avoid bones getting stuck in the throat.

This is especially relevant when feeding children, it further explained as children should be looked after with utmost care to prevent accidents and inversion of foreign bodies to ear, nose and throat.

In our practice we see toys with small parts, plastic beads, coins, hair pins and seeds inserted in ears and nose. Please keep these away from children during this difficult period.

“These accidents will see delays in screening before treatment is begun,” the surgeons stressed.